Previous Teacher Workshops


There is a large spectrum of workshops offered daily to students and teachers. You are welcome to attend any workshop offered or observe rehearsals at any time. Some of our teacher exclusive workshops from the past have included…


Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser – One Person Can Make a Difference

Will Kuhn – iPad apps for the Music Classroom

Dina Else – Seven Steps to Help Singers Choose Success

Paul Gulsvig – A Teacher’s Retreat and Music Educator’s Pep Rally

Linda Southard – How to Bring Choreography to Life

Judy Hanson – Changing the WORLD One Note at a Time

John Jacobson – The Artist Within Me

Bryan Farina – Sound Reinforcement for the Show Choir

Eric Van Cleave – Rehearsing and Recruiting the Band

Jeff Gemar – Building a Program and Fundraising... The Necessary Evil

Steve Siemens – The Pursuit of Excellence

Doug McConnell – Intro to Smart Music

Rebecca Risser – Vocal Health for the Music Educator

Body McDonald – Pop Acapella in the High School

Shawn Eck – Training Effective Dance Captains

Sheri Sanders – Rock the Audition

Donna Gallo – Digital Media and the Creative Classroom

Carolyn Boudreau – Mash It Up: Honing Sound Editing and Aural Skills

Phil Reno – Putting It Together

David Rayl and Zeb Higben – Singing the Great Composers with the Smaller Choir

Mark Myers – Bridging Classical and Pop Vocal Sound

Craig Zamer – Exploring the Similarities in Traditional, Jazz and Show Choirs in Tone, Diction, and Production

And so many more!