Workshops from Past Years

Here are some examples of the many student workshops offered daily.


Vocal Workshops

Vocal Workshops

  “Key Concepts for a Fabulous Voice”

  “Finding the Magic in Your Voice”

  “The Voice” – SCA style

  Microphone Tips and Techniques

  Introduction to Sight Singing

  Stage Presence of the Solo Singer

  Pop and Vocal Jazz Techniques


Dance Workshops

Dance Workshops

  Tricks and Lifts

  Hip Hop

  Partner Dancing

  ”So You Want to Get Funky”

  Training Effective Dance Captains

  Contemporary Dance

  Dance Style Techniques

  Beginner’s Dance/Choreography


Performance Workshops

Performance, Motivational, and Education Workshops

  Team-Building Games


  Entertainment Careers and Networking Skills

  Mashups, Loops, and Covers: Creative Digital Media

  Top Ten Audition Stunts – What NOT To Do

  “College Bound: Things You Should Know!”

  The Art of Auditioning

  “We Need New Heroes!”