Workshops From Past Years


Vocal Workshops

Vocal Workshop picture
  • Josephine Lee- “Achieving a level of excellence through music”
  • Linda McEachran- “Stage Presence of the Solo Singer.”
  • Susan Moninger- “SCA Idol”
  • Kirby Shaw- "Choo can sing da blues and learn to scat sing"!
  • Holly Shaw-Slabbinck- “Vocal Yoga”
  • Tim Shew and Jane Brockman- “Act it Baby! Acting the Song.”
  • Diana Spradling- “What is healthy singing?”
  • Ron Slabbinck- “Sight Singing”
  • Ly Tartell- “You Name It-I Can Sing It!” and “Zen and the Art of Critical Listening:
  • How to Learn What the Great Singers Teach”
    Steve Zegree- “Vocal Jazz Improvisation”


Dance Workshops

  • Nancy Bocek- “Cheek to Cheek” (Partner Dancing)
  • Kye Brackett- “URBAN TRIBAL DANCE”
  • Shawn Eck- “Disco Partnering” “Pop Salsa Partnering”
  • Brent “Woody” Holland- “Jazz 101” and “Get Down and Get FUNKY!”
  • April James- “Hip-Hop”
  • Dwight Jordan- “Tricks and Lifts”
  • Mark Myers - “Survivor”
  • Stephen Todd- “Variation in Style”
  • Jarad Voss- “JHOP-Bounce”
Dance Picture


Performance, Motivational, and Educational Workshops

Educational Workshops
  • John Baker and Daren Dale- “Future Music Teachers of America”
  • Mark Brymer- “Careers in Entertainment”
  • Dave Burdick and Manley Mallard- “Garage Band”
  • Jeff Gemar-“Games people play.”
  • Paul Gulsvig- “The Power of One”
  • Judy Hanson- “Choralography: How to make your show as exciting visually as it is vocally”
  • Mac Huff- “Anatomy of Success in Entertainment”
  • John Jacobson- “Finding Your Song”
  • Greg Jasperse- “Songwriting!”
  • Linda McEachran- “Motivation and Group Dynamics: The Keys to Success.”
  • Verda Slinkard- “YOU be the judge!”
  • Stephen Todd- “The Art of Auditioning”
  • Rivar’s Style Show- Come see the latest in show choir fashion and costuming in a fun runway show.
  • Eric VanCleave- “Top Ten Stupid Audition Stunts and“LEADERSHIP & TEAMBUILDING: 7 Ways To Make Sure Your Show Choir Isn't Rotten!”


Director-only Workshops

  • Sally Albrecht/Andy Beck-“Girls Night Out”
  • Nancy Bocek- “How to Start a Show Choir”
  • Kevin Butler- “Making the Score Sing”
  • Jeff Gemar- “Games people play.”
  • Paul Gulsvig- Sunday night: “A Teacher Retreat”
  • Friday: “A Pep Rally for Teachers”
  • John Jacobson- Music, movement, and much more!
  • Dwight Jordan- “Start to Finish
  • Judy Hanson and Mark Myers- “Music & Choreography for Middle School/Junior High”
  • Josephine Lee-“Inspire, Innovate and Recreate”
  • Mark Myers - “Multi-Cultural GEMS” Part II
  • Ron Slabbinck- “Building the profile of a choral program in the school and community.”
  • Verda Slinkard- “Recipe for Success” How to begin and maintain a show choir from scratch.
  • Steve Zegree -“Rehearsal Techniques for the Teacher”
Director Only Workshops